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Claim whatever you want here. Body parts, Songs, Music, shoes, Videos, Tv's, books, bands, food, singers, kisses, bodyparts, celebrities, cd's, word, atheletes, movies.....anything.

The Claim Rules

1. Do not, Claim something/someone/something, That has already been claimed. However, If you would like to share a claim, Work it out with the other person. *Note: We can't make anyone share, They're entitled to say "No". And most of all, Don't claim the Mod's Property

2. If for some reason, you delete your journal, let us know that you've changed your name, Or we'll have to delete your claims for someone else.

*notes* im willing to share a claim, but i cant speak for the others.

Also, don't panic if you don't see your claim posted right away..we do post them up as soon as we can.

And last but not least! It would save time to check the claims list first before claiming anything.



[The first 50 people get 6 claims. After 50, Then the claims are 4, and once you advertise the link in your profile it's raised to 2 extra claims.]


Claims List Updated 2/14/2004

(Life form)"Alien life"-Claimed by stevie_o
(Song) "All choked up"-Claimed by spunkyvanilla
(Band) "A.F.I"-Claimed by delusivexdreams
(Actress) "Julie Andrews"-Claimed by iluvtsom
(tv Show) "The Julie Andrews hour"-Claimed by iluvtsom
(lj user) "_anus"-Claimed by xbettiexpagex

(Band)"Fall Out Boy"-Claimed by metalfreakette
(lj user)"bubblez87"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska
(Band)"The Beatles"-Claimed by readyfortofade
(Band)"The Beach Boys"-Claimed by readyfortofade
(Athelete)"David Beckham"-Claimed by royce_the_52
(lj user)"butterflybeans"-Claimed by nicxatxnite
(Singer)"Lindsey Buckingham"-Claimed by readyfortofade
(Character)"Sirius black"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Band)"Brand New"-Claimed by littlexmistake
(Song) "La vie Boheme"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska
(Character)"Brak"-Claimed by k_rocks
(Character)"Boo"-Claimed by trigger_the_gun
(Actor)"Sean Biggerstoff"-Claimed by onlywaymyheart
(Random)"Sean Biggerstoff's Accent"-Claimed by onlywaymyheart
(Actress) "Carol Burnett"-Claimed by iluvtsom
(tv Show) "The carol burnette show"-Claimed by iluvtsom
(Actor) "Orlando Bloom"-Claimed by mb182
(Person) "Tricia Blyth"-Claimed by dlkereluk

(Band)"Cold"-Claimed by metalfreakette
(Singer)"Billy Corgan"-Claimed by billycorganluva
(Singer)"Kurt Cobain"-Claimed by cobain_x_mortis
(Actor)"Mark Cohen"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska
(Body part) "Kelly Clarksons' Toes"-Claimed by singindiva
(Singer) "Sheryl Crow"-Claimed by dlkereluk
(Person) "Jessica Corbin"-Claimed by dlkereluk

(lj user)"dividedrain"-Claimed by metalfreakette
(Singer)"Tom Delonge"-Claimed by deadawake
(Singer)"Jonathan Davis"-Claimed by k_rocks
(Band)"System of a Down"-Claimed by k_rocks
(Actor)"Johnny Depp"-Claimed by metalfreakette
"Dirty Larry"-Claimed by metalfreakette
(Song) "Dreaming of you">-Claimed by spunkyvanilla
(Person) "Roger Davis"-Claimed by mooing_markeen
(lj user) "dream_star"-Claimed by xbettiexpagex

(Band) "Arch Enemy"-Claimed by delusivexdreams
(Movie) "Edward Scissorhands"-Claimed by xpurpalatticusx
(Movie) "Elephant"-Claimed by duo_damsel
(Singer) "Sully Erna"-Claimed by butterflybeans
(Movie Person) "Edward Scissorhands"-Claimed by sunshinebabii
(Band) "Eve 6"-Claimed by [Bad username: mooing markeen]
(Person) "Raul Espanza"-Claimed by [Bad username: mooing markeen]

(Comedian)"Jimmy Fallon"-Claimed by heathagurl
(Word) "Fuck"-Claimed by iwouldsayyes
(Band) "Fink"-Claimed by we_lostthem_all
(Singer) "Jessicka Fodera"-Claimed by delusivexdreams
(Actor) "Alex Frost"-Claimed by duo_damsel
(body part) "alex frost' nose"-Claimed by duo_damsel

(Band)"Good Charlotte"-Claimed by plsexy5
(Song)"Got the life"-Claimed by nicxatxnite
(Singer)"Mike Glita"-Claimed by echoinemptiness
(Band)"Glassjaw"-Claimed by sickie
(Character)"Hermione granger"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Actor)"Crispin Glover"-Claimed by subculturalgirl
(Character)"Gir"-Claimed by trigger_the_gun
(Singer) "Angela Gossow"-Claimed by delusivexdreams
(Person) "Eric Griffin"-Claimed by comaco0kie
(Band) "Godsmack"-Claimed by sunshinebabii
(Song) "Galaxies" by Stratovarius-Claimed by xladyxragex
(lj user)heero_yuy0i-Claimed by heero_no_tenshi
(Singer) "Davey Havok"-Claimed by delusivexdreams
(Person) "Mark Hoppus"-Claimed by xpurpalatticusx
(Singer) "Rj Helton"-Claimed by singindiva
(lj user) "heplayskeys's body-Claimed by singindiva

(Singer)"Brian Ireland"-Claimed by echoinemptiness
(Movie) "It happened one night"-Claimed by readyfortofade
(Band) "Incubus"-Claimed by mooing_markeen
(Character) "Inu Yasha"-Claimed by xbettiexpagex

(Video) "Just Because"-Claimed by xladyxragex
(Singer)"Billie Joe"-Claimed by vergeof_tears
(Actress)"Angelina Jolie"-Claimed by subculturalgirl
(Band) "Jack off Jill"-Claimed by delusivexdreams

(Band)"KoRn"-Claimed by nicxatxnite
(Actress)"Velma Kelly"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska
(Character) "Kagome"-Claimed by xbettiexpagex
(Singer) "Timo Kotipelto"-Claimed by xladyxragex

(Singer)"Jesse Lacey"-Claimed by echoinemptiness
(Singer)"Tony Lovato"-Claimed by deadawake
(Character)"Remus Lupin"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Random)"Lego life on Mars"-Claimed by stevie_o
(Movie) "Legend"-Claimed by xleppardpistolx
(Movie) "Labrinyth"-Claimed by xleppardpistolx
(Band) "Linkin Park"-Claimed by rahaimani
(Singer) "Shannon Larkin"-Claimed by xladyxragex
(Object) "Lion cloth"-Claimed by mooing_markeen

(lj user)"john_mcclane"-Claimed by plsexy5
(Singer)"Benji Madden"-Claimed by deadawake
(Singer)"Joel Madden"-Claimed by deadawake
(Random)"Joel Madden's Ghettoness"-Claimed by onlywaymyheart
(Singer)"Billy Martin"-Claimed by dreamvita87
(Band)"Mest"-Claimed by plsexy5
(Singer)"Dryden Mitchell"-Claimed by billycorganluva
(Random)"The Mauraudersmap"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Actor)"Jonathan Rhys-Myers"-Claimed by subculturalgirl
(Character)"Setsuna Mudou"-Claimed by heero_no_tenshi
(Actor)"Chad Micheal Murray"-Claimed by trigger_the_sun
(Object) "Benji Madden's "Joel" Tatoo"-Claimed by xpurpalatticusx
(Singer) "Dannil Minogue"-Claimed by dlkereluk
(Singer) "Shirley Manson"-Claimed by dlkereluk
(Name) "Mark"-Claimed by mooing_markeen

(Body parts)"Dave Navarro's" entire Body-Claimed by xladyxragex
(Tv show)"Nip/Tuck"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Singer)"Buddy Neilsen"-Claimed by vergeof_tears
(Person) "Martin Nicolay"-Claimed by spunkyvanilla
(Band) "The Network"-Claimed by we_lostthem_all

(Resturant) "Olive Garden"-Claimed by spunkyvanilla
(tv Show) "the O.C. cast"-Claimed by mb182
(Singer) "Kelly Osborne"-Claimed by dlkereluk

(Song) "Paradise"-Claimed by dreamvita87
(Singer)"Daryl Palumbo"-Claimed by sickie
(Character)"Harry Potter"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Books)"Harry Potter book series"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(from NFG) "Jordan Pundik"-Claimed by littlexmistake
(Movie) "Pretty in Pink"-Claimed by xleppardpistolx
(lj user)punkasshedgehog-Claimed by heero_no_tenshi
(Athelete) "Mike Piazza"-Claimed by punkpyroprncess
(Actor) "Christopher Plummer"-Claimed by iluvtsom
(Movie) "Pirates of the carribean"-Claimed by sunshinebabii


(Actress)"Natalie Roles"-Claimed by _christine_
(Books)"L.O.T.R book series"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Tv Show) "Roswell"-Claimed by littlexmistake
(Person)"Kris Roe"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska
(Actor)"Anthony Rapp"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska
(Actor) "John Robinson"-Claimed by duo_damsel
(body part) "john robinsons' mouth"-Claimed by duo_damsel
(tv Show) "real world cast of San-Francisco"-Claimed by mb182

(Singer)"Braden Steineckert"- Claimed by xx3leafcloverxx
(Band)"The Starting Line"-Claimed by xx3leafcloverxx
(Song) "Silver Springs"-Claimed by readyfortofade
(Random)"Space"-Claimed by stevie_o
(Random Fiction)"Hogwarts school"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Tv show)"Sex and the City"-Claimed by _christine_
(Anime character from Big O) "Roger Smith"-Claimed by littlexmistake
(Painting) "Starry Night by Van Gogh"-Claimed by littlexmistake
(Song) "Say anything"-Claimed by plsexy5
(Character)"Severus Snape"-Claimed by _christine_
(Person)"Matt Skiba"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska
(Cafe)"Starbucks'"-Claimed by heathagurl
(Character)"Stitch"-Claimed by trigger_the_gun
(Character) "Jack Skellington"-Claimed by xpurpalatticusx
(Body part) "Britney Spears'stomach"-Claimed by singindiva
(Movie) "Sound of music"-Claimed by iluvtsom
(Band) "The sex pistols"-Claimed by comaco0kie

(coffeeshop)"Three Bean in Somerdale, NJ"-Claimed by metalfreakette
(Tv Show Miniseries) "Taken"-Claimed by stevie_o
(Song)"This is the night-(Sung by Clay Aiken)-Claimed by onlywaymyheart
(Other) "Techno Dance Parties"-Claimed by we_lostthem_all
(Movie) "The gods must be crazy"-Claimed by mooing_markeen
(Album) "The other side" by Godsmack-Claimed by sunshinebabii

(Band)"U2"-Claimed by rocknrollgurl

(Singer)"Kenny Vasoli"-Claimed by xx3leafcloverxx
(Movie) "Virgin Suicide"-Claimed by xleppardpistolx
(Character)"Joscelin Verreuil"-Claimed by heero_no_tenshi
(Singer) "Van Gough"- Claimed by we_lostthem_all

(Singer)"Nick Wheeler"-Claimed by echoinemptiness
(Singer)"Matt Watts"-Claimed by sickie
(Song) "Wouldn't it be nice"- Claimed by readyfortofade
(Singer)"Brian Wilson"-Claimed by readyfortofade
(Character)"Ron Weasley"-Claimed by padf00t_m00ny_
(Tv Show) "Will and Grace"-Claimed by _christine_

(Band)"Symphony x"-Claimed by xladyxragex
(lj user) "xpipsqueek13x"-Claimed by star_in_the_ska

(Character)"Heero Yuy"-Claimed by heero_no_tenshi
(Character)"Lucivar Yaslana"-Claimed by heero_no_tenshi